Reminders 2 Refill: How Interactive Texts Improve Medication Adherence in a Non-Adherent Population


Jun 1, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm CDT

Patients’ non-adherence to prescribed medications contributes significantly to the hospitalization of chronically ill individuals, and is attributed to $100 billion in annual costs.

A large Integrated Delivery Network in California sought innovative strategies for optimizing patient outcomes while lowering costs. The health system, responsible for the care of more than 11M Americans, partnered with mPulse Mobile to assess the impact of an interactive text messaging solution on a non-adherent and borderline adherent segment of its Medicare population taking chronic condition medications. Text messages have 98 percent read rates—the highest reach of any communication channel. Ninety-four percent of U.S. adults over 70 years old regularly text.

In this webinar, Rena Brar Prayaga, Behavioral Data Scientist of mPulse Mobile and Chris Nicholson, CEO of mPulse Mobile, will share data and insights from the three-month program. The presentation will cover how engaging Medicare patients with two-way texts prompting them to reply to medication refill reminders impacted medication adherence and pharmacy operations, and the value of text messaging as an additional prescription refill channel. Key highlights of the study results include:
◾14.1 PP incremental increase in the Rx refill rate
◾96% of patients found the texts and refill process easy to use
◾37% overall engagement rate with positive sentiment

Key Audience Takeaways: Among other learnings, session attendees will come away from the session knowing:

1. How to develop interactive & tailored text message programs that drive behavior change
2. Unique non-adherent population obstacles and how to overcome them
3. How to meet the unique needs of the Medicare population when thinking through ease of access and use


Chris Nicholson
mPulse Mobile

Rena Brar Pravaga
Behavioral Data Scientist
mPulse Mobile

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