Women in Healthcare IT "Unboxed Thinking" | Virginia Chapter of HIMSS

Sep 9, 2019 9:00am - 4:30pm EDT
Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, 1800 Lakeside Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23228
Member Cost: $
Non-Member Cost: $

Thinking Outside Your Box

The UnBoxed WorkshopTM is a signature KickStart immersion workshop that challenges participants to become aware of and change: their mindset, as well as how they look at themselves and others.


  • Gain awareness of a few of the boxes (artificial and limiting boundaries in our lives, jobs and career, including:
    • Self-confidence (lack of courage in speaking up or idea sharing)
    • Creativity and innovation (fixed vs. growth mindset)
    • Risks (going by the book and not challenging the status quo)
    • Diversity and inclusion (unconscious bias)
    • Regulations (assumptions made about what can/cannot be done)
    • Roles (feeling limited in career by person/career role-based responsibilities)
    • Relationships (making assumptions around communication, interactions, social status)
  • Inspiration – hear amazing stories about how others have overcome challenges or made significant changes in their jobs and careers
  • Consider life beyond the boxes, overcome self-limiting beliefs and see what success can really look like!
  • Strengthen your network of support to extend beyond perceived limits

Logistics: September 9, 2019; 9am – 3:30pm at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond VA; Continental Breakfast and Lunch included; Followed by networking hour 3:30-4:30 on Azalea Terrace

Registration: $130 before 8/15; then $150 per person, members. $140 before 8/15; then $160 per person, nonmembers.

Who should attend: Men and Women in roles delivering and/or supporting Health IT who are interested in changing and expanding their mindset, working better in teams, establishing and building meaningful relationships and feeling empowered/successful in their chosen careers in healthcare IT. (i.e., CIO, CISO, Directors, emerging leaders)