Accelerating Technology Delivery with Agile-DevOps and Foss Webinar

June 15, 2021 | Chapter Event

Join the HIMSS Greater Kansas City Chapter on June 15 at 12:00 pm ET for a session that will provide a perspective on how DevOps can be leveraged to help increase and accelerate the use of technology to enable an improved experience for clinicians and revenue cycle operations staff. 

Topic Areas

  • Technology enabled efficiency and quality: Agile methodology enables clinical and technology teams to remain closely aligned throughout the development process and establishes an environment of continuous process monitoring and improvement.
  • Rapid capability delivery: Once developed, clinical and revenue cycle technology solutions must be deployed quickly and that requires close cooperation between technology, clinical and business teams. DevOps frameworks are instrumental in achieving this quick and continuous deployment by setting up an automated testing and deployment technology supply chain.
  • Automated security and regulatory compliance to mitigate risk: Healthcare is highly regulated, hence the security of a patient’s personally identifiable information, HIPAA considerations, and other testing must be tightly integrated into the testing and deployment process. This is achieved via DevOps which ensure that automated testing incorporates security, regulatory and other risk areas in addition to clinical and business functionality.
  • Free and open software (FOSS): How are hospitals leveraging FOSS to accelerate delivery of technology capabilities? What governance structure needs to be in please to ensure security and compliance when leveraging FOSS?

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