Business Process Management for Healthcare Industry Workshop

September 22 - 24, 2019
Lowes Vanderbilt | Nashville, TN

Among the biggest challenges within the clinical health sector comes from the need to effectively disseminate and leverage evidence-based best-practices at the point of care, and to support transitions as an increasingly mobile patient population navigates among sites and institutions of care.

Building on over two years of collaborative engagement, the OMG will be launching the Business Process Management Plus (BPM+) Health community at their upcoming meeting in Nashville, TN in September. BPM+ Health is addressing these concerns head-on by leveraging of open, standards-based notations brought together under the umbrella of a style guide which allows professional organizations, clinical societies, and healthcare providers to document their care pathways and workflows in a way that allows them to be shared across organizational boundaries, more internally consistent than their predecessor formats, and more easily and accurately consumed by care providers.

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