COVID-19 May Have Just Saved US Healthcare Webinar | Central & Southern Ohio Chapter of HIMSS

May 14, 2020

There’s nothing like a good crisis to cause a re-evaluation of how we do things. While any epidemic is sure to stress the health system of just about any country, in the United States we needed to be jarred out of our comfort zone to re-think how we do things and how we more efficiently deliver healthcare services to the population. Our presenters will be Richard Staynings, Chief Security Strategist, Cylera, Boulder CO and Michael Archuleta, Chief Information Officer, Mt. San Rafael Hospital, Trinidad, CO.

Our presenter will explore how different healthcare providers are dealing with the current crisis and avoiding meltdown, gaining insights into the future of digital healthcare delivery, evaluating new technologies that improve healthcare delivery, security and access and how they are already helping to change the balance and how to learn how increased automation, AI and machine learning will help to revolutionize healthcare delivery and management of our hospitals and clinics.

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