Critical Care and Recovery: What Global Healthcare Leaders Can Learn from Scottish Innovation to Better Serve Patients

February 25, 2020

This webinar will discuss the ongoing need for more dynamic tools and methods to manage long-term complications associated with critical care patients in the recovery phase. Presently, the global healthcare community is facing an epidemic of intensive care unit (ICU) survivors who are returning home with severe morbidities and little treatment or support for their ongoing symptoms. To address these needs, an innovative website was created by healthcare leaders in association with the Edinburgh University in Scotland in collaboration with critical care survivors to provide other patients and their families with a valuable resource to help guide their recovery journeys. This session will showcase how an award-winning website works to change the landscape of critical care recovery in Scotland and highlight some of the features that global health providers can learn from and model future methods upon. Presented by Jonathan Pitts, BSN, RN, TIGER Scholars Intern; Pam Ramsay, PhD, MSc, BSc, RN, Nursing Lecturer, University of Dundee, Scotland and Chief Member, Critical Care Recovery Project Team; and Nessa Barry, Knowledge Exchange Manager (International Engagement, Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation, Scotland.

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