Data Quality Management Webinar

June 16, 2021 | Chapter Event

As part of a six session series, this Community of Practice webinar will discuss, “Data Quality Management” hosted by Ron M'Sadoques, Director of Enterprise Data Intelligence at Hartford Healthcare.

Investing in data quality management is a low investment with high rewards. Using the techniques discussed in this webinar will allow you to more easily identify adverse events and springboard off of them, use data profiling to see how many duplicate keys or gender codes you have, and level up to more advanced quality analyses. Next, discover three types of data quality issues (validity, completeness and accuracy). Get more information about this webinar and the syllabus for the upcoming sessions at the New England Chapter site.


Ron M'Sadoques, Director of Enterprise Data Intelligence, Hartford Healthcare

As the director of enterprise data intelligence for Hartford Healthcare, Ron M’Sadoques is responsible for the Data Management Program, including the Master Data Management System, and the Data Lake and Epic Caboodle Data Warehouse efforts. Ron also is responsible for the extract, transform and load functions and procedures. M’Sadoques started his career managing software developers on DEC VAX systems. Over the next 35 years, he managed efforts on CRM and office automation systems. Prior to his current role, Ron managed enterprise resource planning support and development at Hartford Healthcare.

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