ePatient 2020 - Actionable Precision Medicine: Tech-enabled Laboratory Medicine with the Northern California Chapter of HIMSS

April 16, 2020

Precision medicine holds great promise but has not yet demonstrated undisputed evidence of improved outcomes across a broad range of specialties and circumstances. Laboratory medicine is a core element of precision medicine and ripe for improvement of patient and clinician experience. Laboratory reports were traditionally dense with lengthy medical and legal language. Given the limited number of trained professionals with expertise in molecular genetics, clinicians may avoid acting on lab results or even risk misinterpreting them. Given the explosion of genomic data and testing, laboratories have moved to find solutions through technology. Examples include interactive, user-friendly reports for patients, telehealth applications, and tools to help physicians integrate test results into actionable care plans.  

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the challenges delivering precision medicine due to specialized knowledge required to design care plans.
  • Demonstrate how laboratory results can be delivered in a patient-friendly, convenient way.
  • Explore physician tools that aid clinicians in integrating precision medicine results into patient care.



Elizabeth Kearney, MS, CGC, MBA, Founder @ Mainstream Genomics


Meena Ramachandran, VP of Product and User Experience @ Myriad

Ashish Kheterpal, CIO @ Veracyte, Inc.

Pouria Sanae, CEO @ IXLayer

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