The High Stakes of Burnout Webinar | National Capital Area Chapter of HIMSS

May 28, 2020 | Webinar

Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Emergency Management are a few of many fields out there where practitioners are wired and under stress all day, every day.  The long hours and emotional pressure of incidents have an impact on leaders’ mental, emotional, and physical health. Today, leaders are tasked with navigating unprecedented new challenges and unchartered territories.  Our strongest parts of us are put to the test, and now is the time that we need to choose to shine our brightest, not fall.

Stress, burnout, distress, and being connected 24x7 not only impacts the health and wellness of our leaders, but also business decisions that need to be made and an organization where people must be put first. In this webinar, we will explore the mental, emotional, and physical toll that leaders and practitioners in many fields face today; the importance of holistic wellness both personally and within organizations; quick, easy, and effective wellness hacks for the everyday human and plotting a more balanced journey forward for both well-being and a people-centric organization.

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