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AI and Patient Experience: A Balancing Act

During this session, Kevin Pawl, Senior Director of Patient Access at Boston Children’s Hospital and Nagi Prabhu, Chief Product Officer at Solutionreach, will invite attendees to examine how to integrate AI into patient communication in ways that enhance and personalize the patient experience.

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Using blockchain and distributed ledger technology in healthcare

Healthcare Lessons From Biometric Technology Use Worldwide

The session will highlight lessons healthcare can learn from other industries and countries that employ biometrics to address patient matching —the ability to link records for the same individual held in different locations and a perennial problem in healthcare.

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Early Achievements from “Data: Elemental to Health” Campaign

Integrating Social Determinants Into an HIE Network

The presentation will focus on how the infrastructure incorporates data on the social determinants of health into an existing environment that facilitates information exchange across hospitals, clinics, payers, laboratories, and other healthcare organizations.

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Italy and Germany Facing COVID-19

As Europe is now at the center of the Covid-19 crisis, public health response strategies and hospital infrastructures are being tested, the hardest way. How do we make sure our health systems are not completely overwhelmed? How do we secure a continuity in the provision of services to our citizens while protecting our already burned out workforces? And how can digital solutions help?

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Improving Smart Contract Security in Healthcare Supply Chain

This presentation will go over the history of EDI and ERP, why customizations bring risk, and how to implement smart contracts to address these risks and improve the overall security picture for health system supply chains.

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Maintaining Laser-Focus on Value of Patient Care #HITWorks

Privacy Challenges in the Internet of Health Things

To ensure the success of connected health innovations, we must find effective ways to understand the current threat landscape and identify how health systems should manage risk to protect patient data. This panel will explore the latest viewpoints on how to change the policy and business environments to provide American patients with dynamic and responsive privacy protections.

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Using a social network to look at a scientific journal

HIPAA and a Cloud Computing Shared Security Model

This session will focus on how the HIPAA Security Rule and other security laws apply to a cloud computing shared security model.

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