HIMSS Fall 2019 Quarterly Interoperability & HIE Community Roundtable

October 23, 2019
Virtual Event

Integrating SDOH Data to Address Health More Holistically

An individual’s health and wellness extends beyond the walls of their doctor’s office. A myriad of social, behavioral and environmental determinants continuously impact a person’s health. Healthcare organizations have begun to recognize the value of understanding and addressing these determinants as part of the patient's clinical assessment and treatment plans. However, challenges remain in defining social determinants of health (SDOH) data, standardizing and integrating this data into patient care, and coordinating effectively with community resources to holistically improve an individual’s well-being. This roundtable examines current efforts to address these challenges and highlights a path forward for meaningful integration of SDOH data into the healthcare ecosystem. Presenters will discuss progress to define and standardize SDOH data elements, highlight efforts to coordinate community resources for healthcare and social services and reveal how health plans are leveraging this data in patient and provider engagement of resources.

Learning Objectives:

After this Roundtable, attendees should be able to:

  • Summarize current efforts to identify and harmonize SDOH data for interoperable health information exchange.

  • Demonstrate how to coordinate across clinical, behavioral and social service providers to reduce friction and provide holistic care.

  • Identify best practices leveraged by health plans to integrate SDOH data into care coordination.


Evelyn Gallego, MBA, CEO and Founder, EMI Advisors, Program Manager, Gravity Project

Lisa Nelson, MS, MBA, Principal Informaticist, MaxMD, Technical Director, Gravity Project

Salim Kizaraly, Co-Founder and SVP Business Development, Stella Technology

Konark Rana, Director, Product Strategy and Development, Gateway Health

Dick Thompson, Executive Director, Quality Health Network


Participation in this event has been pre-approved for 1.5 hours of credit on your CAHIMS/CPHIMS application for recertification. All hours must be self-reported in your HIMSS online record.

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