Leveraging Your Unique Skills to Chart a Winning Course for Your Career

February 6, 2020

We all have strengths and skills that will apply throughout our careers. The key is to identify and develop those that will serve us and determine those behaviors and attitudes that will hinder us from achieving our goals. This informative discussion will help you determine and communicate your skill sets, and most importantly, what differentiates you! Learn the skills you already possess that can be applied to other positions and opportunities and develop strategies to help you chart a path to next steps in your career.    

Learning Objectives:

•    Identify your career goals and evaluate your current state against them
•    Recognize strategies to determine strengths and opportunities
•    Apply a plan to seek productive feedback
•    Discover transferable skills that will serve you throughout your career
•    Create a dynamic development plan to ensure ongoing career success


Jean Ann Larson, FACHE, LFHIMSS, FIISE, Chief Leadership Development Officer, Office of Leadership Development, University of Alabama Birmingham Health System

Jean Ann Larson is the Chief Leadership Development Officer at UAB Medicine. From her experiences working in several organizations and in a variety of roles, she firmly believes that better leadership leads to better outcomes. One of her most frequent (and sometimes annoying) quotes is, “It’s all about leadership.” That said, she is eager to work with leaders to build better cultures where people want to contribute their best efforts. She has lived in several states and couple of countries and has worked as a senior executive in large health systems. She is also the founder of her own boutique leadership and organizational development consultancy. She’s written a couple of books on process improvement and organizational change and she loves exploring different cultures and languages. She’s served on several not-for-profit boards over the years, but she is most energized by her current role on the Board of HUB Worldwide providing healthcare supplies and education to Colombia allowing her to practice her Spanish and engage in her love for the people and cultures of Latin America.    

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