The Power of Careers in Healthcare Informatics Webinar

March 9, 2021 | Chapter Event

Industry and academic experts share their insights on current trends in health informatics, the kinds of job opportunities that exist in this rapidly growing field and what the future of health informatics holds. The relaxed atmosphere of this moderated virtual town hall-style webinar will allow the virtual audience to ask about what is on their mind and for the speakers to share their views on the topic areas.

Learning Objectives

  • Get an initial understand of the depth and breadth of what healthcare informatics is and does.
  • Hear from people who are currently working in this area and get a chance to make connections.
  • Find ways you can pursue healthcare informatics as a career option.

You should participate if you

  • Have an interest in a profession in healthcare—your educational or work background doesn’t matter
  • Want to be able to reshape what you do as you move through your career
  • Are a graduate or undergraduate student, working full or part-time in healthcare, or in a non-healthcare related field.

Join the Conversation

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