Transforming Healthcare through Telehealth Series

June 25 - August 6, 2020 | Webinar

Now more than ever, health professionals are tasked with adapting to shifts in patient care in ways they never have before. At the forefront of this new landscape is expanded use of telehealth services, allowing millions of Americans to seek the care they need while safely practicing social distancing. How can your hospital successfully transform services digitally to adapt to the “new normal” while also maintaining the same quality, in-person care? Join Dr. Moore for an informative three-part webinar series on the exploration of telehealth as an integral component of today’s professional health care practice.

Webinar 1 Introduction to Telehealth
Telehealth services have the potential to help healthcare systems meet the Triple Aim by ensuring patients receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time. Interested in where health care leaders can best focus strategies to develop and advance their organization’s digital health strategies? Join Dr. Moore for an exploration of considerations for healthcare system leaders contemplating building capacity and infrastructure for telehealth services.

Webinar 2 The Practice of Telehealth
Are you considering expanding your practice to include telehealth? During this webinar you will learn how standard components of practice translate to telehealth including core competencies, coaching skills, the ability to combine clinical experience with telehealth, communication skills, clinical knowledge, ethical awareness, and a supportive attitude. Considerations include scope of practice, credentialing and privileging, online prescribing - including for controlled substances, coverage and payment, technology proficiency, patient privacy and security (HIPAA), and malpractice and professional liability.

Webinar 3 The Future of Telehealth
The future is now with an increased demand for telehealth services creating a shift in care setting to prevent spread of infectious disease. Dr. Moore explores telehealth innovations on the horizon including virtual chronic disease management, a “hospital at home” model, expanding access to care for vulnerable populations (e.g., prisoners, homeless), and expanded participation in clinical research.  

Learning Outcome(s):

  • Outline telehealth for delivery, management, and coordination of health services and how to integrate electronic information and telecommunications technologies to increase access, improve outcomes, and contain or reduce costs of health care.
  • Illustrate the intent to change practice to include telehealth services. 


Virginia G. Moore, PhD, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

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