Futura Mobility: Finding Balance in medical workstations: Mobile Carts Vs. Wallmounts

In the quest to find technological solutions that lead to better efficiency of care, hospitals often find themselves weighing the differences between types of workstations, specifically mobile carts /workstations on wheels (WOWs), and wall mounted cabinets and arms. While mobile carts traditionally dominated the point of care workspace with 87% of facilities supplying clinicians with mobile carts to provide support care latest trends may suggest a shifting away from carts and toward wall mounted workstations. Much of this is fueled by frustrations with outdated technology on the carts, specifically the power systems that struggled to keep up with the increased power and utilization demands brought about by the passing of the HITECH Act which outlines the requirements for Meaningful Use.  Today’s mobile carts and wall mounted workstations have evolved significantly over the past few years to meet the standards of care today and into the future. Regardless of the solution, the objective is to access the hospital’s electronic medical records (EMR) in the most efficient way possible without compromising patient privacy or care experience.

The goal of this white paper is to assist in finding balance between these two trusted solutions and help decision makers choose the workstation that best suits the specific needs of their healthcare facility.  Our approach will demonstrate a detailed hard cost comparison between mobile carts and wall stations, as well as identify and discuss key “soft cost” areas that must be considered including patient engagement, safety, clinical workflow, privacy, security and resource utilization for implementation and long term support.


mobile carts, wallmounts