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Definition of Usability: Usability is the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specific users can achieve a specific set of tasks in a particular environment [Schoeffel R. The concept of product usability. ISO Bulletin. 2003;34:6-7.].

The results of the 2013 Physician Engagement Survey recognized EHR usability as one of the chief complaints amongst physicians. The HIMSS Physician Committee developed the HIMSS Physician Community Usability Workgroup to provide education and resources to identify and ease the burden of usability for the medical informatics community. Working with the HIMSS Usability and HIT Safety Community, our members strive to bring their perspective and resolution to the industry at large.

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Usability is one of the major factors-possibly the most important factor-hindering widespread adoption of EHRs.  The HIMSS Physician Community developed a survey targeting working physicians who utilize EHR systems on a regular basis to give insight on EHR usability.

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Members of the workgroup explore EHR usability from a multitude of perspectives.

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We are developing a resource toolkit from the top pain points identified in the Physician EHR Usability Pain Point Survey to summarize the knowledge base of best practices, useful literature & web resources, worthwhile solutions or workarounds and guide clinicians on how to demonstrate the impact of the problem to stimulate discussions about usability maturity growth.

Ask the Expert: How Do I Pick an EHR Vendor? - These guidelines will help you to select the best product for your needs.

Defining and Testing EMR Usability - HIMSS White Paper describing methods of usability evalution, offering several alternative methods for measuing efficiency and effectiveness, including patient safety.

Getting Started with an EHR - Healthcare providers across the country recognize the benefits of EHRs to improve care, reduce costs and improve efficiency.  HIMSS has developed some suggestions for your planned EHR implementation.

HIMSS Usability Maturity Model (UMM) - Raise awareness and promote usability best practices in health organizations world-wide.

Selecting an EHR for Your Practice: Evaluating Usability - This guideline outlines some basic steps to include in a vendor selection process that will help practices evaluate EHR usability based on current usability recommendations and best practices.

HIT Usability Community - The goal of the HIMSS HIT Usability Committee's efforts is to identify opportunities to increase usability within healthcare delivery systems that positively impact outcomes, patient and provider satisfaction by improving the experience of human-machine interaction across the entire continuum of care.  

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Chair: David Schlossman, MD

Philip Bernard, MD

Noreen Butte, MD

Jojy Cheriyan, MD

Patricia Hale, MD

Vitaly Herasevich, MD

Robert Hitchcock, MD

Mark Kaufman, MD

Bebe Rahamatalli, RPA-C, MPAS

Leslie Smart, MD

Amanda Trujillo, BS, MA

Michael West, MD

Lynn Witherspoon, MD

George Wu, MD


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