About the Early Careerists Community

Expanding HIMSS support of Early Careerists, those with five years or less experience in health information and technology, is part of the HIMSS's strategic plan. Projections by the U. S. Department of Labor estimate that over 50,000 new professionals will be added to the already existing complement of HIT professionals.  Our goal is to ensure Early Careerists have the resources necessary to launch and advance successful careers in health information and technology.

Key Contacts

HIMSS Staff Liaisons:
DonVielle Young
Senior Associate, Professional Development

HIMSS Executive Contact:
JoAnn Klinedinst
Vice President, Professional Development

Contact US
For more information about the HIMSS Early Careerists Community, to become a member of the community, or for questions, contact us at earlycareerists@himss.org.

HIMSS membership is a requirement to join the HIMSS EC Community.