AI in Healthcare: Finding Signal Amidst the Noise

Artificial intelligence represents one of technology’s most important priorities, and healthcare is perhaps AI’s most urgent application. This comment from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sums up the opportunity in front of us, but finding clarity amidst the current signal-to-noise ratio can be difficult. Is AI in healthcare a long-term promise or is it happening now? Where is it headed?

Join Bill Cox, Sr. Director, Strategy & Growth, Healthcare NExT, Microsoft, and Sunny Neogi, Chief Growth Officer, KenSci as we unpack these questions and look at how healthcare providers and researchers are using AI today to transform how they deliver patient outcomes. Take a look at the best practices in the industry to get started, and be ready to learn about projects that may be a predictor of the power of AI in the future.

innovation, artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, HIMSS