Meet our Member: Beth Casey Halley, RN, MBA, FHIMSS

Casey Halley

Beth Casey Halley, RN, MBA, FHIMSS, newly appointed vice chair of the HIMSS North America Board of Directors shares why she loves health IT.

What do I love about Health IT?

I love the potential that health IT brings to improving the health of people and how it touches so many aspects of patient care, including patients’ experience and knowledge of their health information, prevention, treatments and outcomes. Speaking as a nurse, it is the patient and consumer that we should be considering, whether it is developing health IT policy, research, applications or supporting evidence-based care.

I’ve been fortunate to have had a career in health IT spanning system development, implementation, strategic planning and policy. It has been exciting to see the focus evolve toward the patient and consumer engagement. 

I have also appreciated being engaged with HIMSS throughout my career and especially being active with the Nursing Informatics Community.  I previously served as the chair of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Committee, was then elected to the HIMSS Board of Directors, and am now honored to be serving as the vice chair of the HIMSS North America Board. I especially love reflecting on how the Nursing Informatics Committee has grown to over 6,000 members, and has made an impact on supporting the expansion of our professional specialty and the improvement of healthcare delivery, research and policy.

Furthering HIMSS’s mission and ensuring that the organization remains a critical piece of the health IT ecosystem is what I will focus on in my new role as vice chair. With my background in nursing and work at MITRE, I bring both the nurse’s and federal partner’s voice  to the table. In setting priorities, we will want to make sure HIMSS continues to address the most critical issues facing healthcare in the country, including in the private sector, academia and government. I love being able to help drive these efforts through health IT.

Transforming healthcare through payment reform, data interoperability and analytics, while considering security and privacy, safe quality care, person-centric engagement, and data sharing across the continuum of care, are  some of the significant issues facing healthcare in our country. Exploring ways that technology can address these issues in support of our country’s national health priorities of better care, smarter spending, and healthier people are important to me.

The potential for healthcare transformation while focusing on the patient is what I really love about health IT.

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