Building Patient-Centered Data Exchange into the EHR

The average person sees more than 18 providers in their lifetime, with records scattered throughout various medical systems and doctors’ offices across hometowns, states and even the country. Ensuring providers have access to their patient’s records, regardless of who provided the care has been a long- standing struggle. Over the last two years, Circle Health has improved the delivery of care for its patient population by leveraging newly available patient data and connecting its disparate EHR systems with a solution built directly into its providers’ workflow and existing software. Hear from a practicing physician about how this accessible data, using standardized industry methods, is delivering value to himself, his organization and his patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate the barriers that hinder scalable, nationwide, vendor-neutral interoperability today
  • Gain insights on how physicians are gaining immediate access to relevant patient information to improve patient care
  • Understand how better coordinated care can reduce tests, time and costs, as well as improve outcomes

Speaker Information:

Arthur M. Lauretano, MD, MS, FACS
Arthur Lauretano is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at CircleHealth in Lowell, Massachusetts. He is an assistant professor of Otolaryngology at Boston University School of Medicine and an instructor in Otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School. He has a Masters in Clinical Informatics and holds board certification in Otolaryngology and in Clinical informatics.

Jitin Asnaani
Jitin Asnaani is on a mission to make nationwide health data exchange a reality. The first Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance, Jitin is helping CommonWell build a scalable infrastructure that enables health data to follow the patient regardless of where care occurs. Jitin has led national interoperability initiatives through his previous work at athenahealth and at the ONC for Health IT, and is a co-founder of the S&I Framework and Argonaut Project.