Care Coordination and Transitions of Care

Transparent continuous communications with seamless transitions of care have been elusive yet are critical elements managing patients’ conditions. In this month’s Roundtable meeting, we catch-up with Sumit Nagpal, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer LumiraDx, USA, Inc. as he shares insights into their transitions of care experiences involving LTPAC providers.

Session Speakers

Mary Griskewicz, MS, FHIMSS
Director, Strategic Sales, HIMSS

Sumit Nagpal
Co-Founder, CEO, LumiraDX Inc.
Co-Founder, Director and Chief Architect, LumiraDX UK Ltd.
Board Member (Elect) HIMSS North America

Roundtable Perspectives

At the end of the session attendees were asked to provide their opinions on the following question:

How effective are provider organizations in their management of patient communications in care coordination efforts?

View the responses from the LTPAC Roundtable participants