The Challenges of Care Coordination Involving Behavioral Health Data: A Panel Discussion

Sharing behavioral health data across the care continuum is an essential piece to patient-centered care and there is an increasing urgency to support and meet the needs of this population. This free Roundtable webinar addresses the varied challenges clinicians, health systems and HIEs face in sharing behavioral health data across the healthcare eco-system, as well as the approaches used to successfully exchange the data. Our panelists will discuss recommendations that key stakeholder groups, from the federal government to EHR/HIE vendors, can take to make sharing behavioral health data a reality.


Marlowe Greenberg
CEO, Foothold Technology

Renée Popovits

Tom Moore
Vice President Innovation, Healthix

Ioana Singureanu
Co-Founder, Eversolve, LLC

Michael Lardieri (Moderator)
Assistant Vice President Strategic Program Development, Northwell Health

Roundtable Perspectives

At the end of the session attendees were asked to provider their opinions on the following question:

How confident are you in the healthcare community's ability to securely share behavioral health data?

View the responses from the LTPAC Roundtable participants