Digital Solutions to Fight Medication Non-adherence: electronic formulary, real-time benefit check and electronic prior authorization

Medication non-adherence remains a huge issue in the US, costing over $300 Billion annually. There are new NCPDP standards based electronic solutions within the e-prescribing workflow that can help combat this issue. This webinar will discuss the benefits of electronic formulary information, real-time benefit check and electronic prior authorization to patients, prescribers, and pharmacists. We will also discuss how each of these solutions fits within the e-prescribing workflow.


  • Explain how digital solutions are working to ensure prescriptions are efficiently processed in the physician’s office
  • List the technology standards and use cases
  • Describe an overview of transactions within the ePrescribing workflow
  • Identify how a patient can benefit through cost transparency and faster prior authorizations


  • Margaux Thomas, Director of Product Innovation, Eligibility & Formulary, Surescripts
  • Luke Forster-Broten, Manager, Product Innovation, Surescripts
  • Richard Klinenberg, Senior Director Wired Healthcare, Express Scripts
  • Monica Stegall, Director, Product Management – Clinical Programs, Express Scripts

Sponsored by NCPDP and Surescripts

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