Future of Healthcare: Driving Innovation through Advanced Sensors and Flexible Technology

This presentation will introduce innovative medical products being developed with a cutting-edge technology called Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE). The application of FHE in the medtech space is paving the way for next-generation healthcare through its capacity to make medical devices smaller, lighter, flexible, stretchable, conformal, and unobtrusive. Through these advances, we will be able to diagnose disease earlier, heal wounds faster, minimize invasive treatment techniques, and follow patients through the continuum of care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) technologies and associated sensor platforms.
  • Discuss how FHEs enable new formfactors for medical devices.
  • Describe how FHEs will drive personalized medicine.



Scott Miller, PhD, Director of Strategic Programs, NextFlex
Emily McGrath, Deputy Director, Workforce Development, NextFlex