The Future of Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine (PM) is a medical paradigm which integrates all data available on an individual patient, enabling a multifactorial approach to the tailoring of treatment to the individual. For this discussion regarding the future of PM, we will apply a definition that includes "aligning and integrating diverse, unstructured, data sets into a comprehensive knowledge network”(Hawgood et al.). The knowledge network drives PM in ways that enable physicians and patients to identify and implement tailored treatments and diagnostics by joining disparate data to answer complex questions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction, definition and discussion regarding the rise of genomic data / trends / future outlook
  • Understanding analytical considerations necessary for robust predictions in PMI
  • Example case (e.g., Asthma) demonstrate ways in which PMI would be applicable to the patient
  • Understanding the future of regulation and guidance


Stuart Rabinowitz, MBA, MSHI, Director of Federal Health Data and Informatics programs within QuintilesIMS’s IMS Government Solutions organizations

Ronald Miller, PhD, Real World Insights, QuintilesIMS

Maria Murray, PhD, Senior Consultant, IMS Government Solutions

John Rigg, PhD, Principal Predictive Analytics, QuintilesIMS

Ana Maria Rodriguez, PhD, MSc, PT, Senior Epidemiologist, QuintilesIMS Real-World Evidence Solutions