Healthcare Simulation Technologies: Secrets Behind These Innovative Tools for Training

Is your institution utilizing or considering an investment in healthcare simulation based technologies to increase training and patient safety outcomes? This innovative technology is quickly becoming the defacto training methodology for healthcare systems around the world -- but has a variety of challenges that must be overcome. In this one-hour webinar we will focus on the how one medical program integrated simulation based technologies to fill in training gaps.

This webinar event will answer these key questions:

  • How is simulation technology innovative?
  • What challenges did this organization face that prompted the development of a simulation program? 
  • How has the use of innovative simulation technologies addressed those challenges?
  • How can this technology improve healthcare outcomes? 
  • What challenges might you face with the integration of this technology?
  • What should your program consider when adopting these new innovations? 
  • What resources are available to help your program build and maintain this program (including staff training)?


Scott B. Crawford, M.D., FACEP, CHSOS
President of SimGHOSTS
Assistant Professor
Associate Program Director
Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso
Emergency Medicine Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine
University Medical Center, El Paso, TX