I Graduated….Now What? Emerging Career Opportunities Outside of Acute Care

Speaker:  Wil Limp, Program Director, University of Wisconsin HIMT on-line Bachelor Degree program and University of Wisconsin Healthcare Administration Master’s Degree

Nellie Mitchell, Associate Chief, PAS, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Madison, WI

Justin Rathkamp, Veterans Experience Officer,Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Madison, WI

As you get closer to graduation, or if you have recently graduated, you may be thinking… now what? This panel discussion will highlight several non-traditional health IT career options to consider. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will be used as an example to showcase some of these new career options. A case study of a recent graduate at the VA in Madison, WI in a new kind of Health IT position will be featured. Details on how to apply and navigate the complexity of the VA will also be discussed. This impactful webinar is perfect for students with or without a military background, and all early careerists looking to advance their career.

Learning Objectives:

  • Illustrate the key differences between a traditional work environment and that of a remote, home-office based environment
  • Discuss the characteristics,qualities and personal attributed to be a successful remote employee
  • Identify best practices for managing remote teams