Population Health – Making It Work

Many physician practices are implementing a population health strategy. The Marshfield Clinic Health System has been on this journey for more than ten years. Through many trials and tribulations, the Health System has identified processes and initiatives that have contributed to success in population health management and the pursuit of success in value-based care.

Learn how the Health System has approached implementing system-wide initiatives and engaging physician care teams by using their data to provide insights. The use of informatics continues to evolve and learnings are shared that demonstrate how to make population health work in a practical manner.

Additionally, a practical use case of hypertension management and wellness management will be reviewed.

Learning Objective(s):

  1. Engage physician care teams
  2. Plan system-wide initiatives
  3. Understand attribution of patients to providers
  4. Summarize results, but make results actionable
  5. Organize your terminology management
Population Health, Wellness Program, Physician Care Teams, Patient Attribution, Data and Analytics, Clinical & Business Intelligence, HIMSS