Specialty Medication Workflow – How Standards are Improving the Prescriber and Patient Experience

By 2020, a projected 9 out of 10 top-selling drugs by revenue will be Specialty. The current process for exchanging data, including prescription data, regarding specialty medications is complex and manual, taking days to weeks to begin a patient on therapy. This webinar will provide insight on the patient experience and guidance on how to become involved in creating solutions to improve care for Specialty patients. The webinar will include an overview of the current Specialty pharmacy process; highlight electronic transactions available to improve patient care; and provide guidance on how to become involved in future enhancements.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the two ways that the lack of standardization impacts Specialty Pharmacy patients.
  • Outline the current Specialty process flows.
  • Describe the current Specialty process burdens on stakeholders.
  • Review the current electronic transactions available impacting Specialty to improve patient care.
  • Identify two ways healthcare stakeholders can participate in NCPDP’s development of standardized transactions for Specialty Pharmacy.

Pooja Babbrah, PBM Practice Lead, Point-of-Care Partners
Julie Hessick, Director, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, CoverMyMeds, LLC
Laura Topor, President, Granada Health, Inc.
Kathy Lewis, Director, Product Innovation, Surescripts

Sponsored by NCPDP and Surescripts

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