Towards a Fast Track in Digital Health Innovation, Pt 1: Setting the Strategy and Infrastructure at Sheba Medical Center | Tel Aviv, Israel

Sheba Medical Center, Israel's largest academic medical center, has been ahead of the curve in both health information technology infrastructure and research and development efforts for quite some time. Building on this legacy and with the aim to accelerate innovation in digital health, Sheba Medical Center has recently implemented a new strategy – Accelerate, Redesign and Collaborate (ARC). This novel strategy includes:

  • Redefining priorities to include big data and artificial intelligence, mobile and telehealth, precision medicine and virtual (and augmented) reality
  • Open innovation campus strategy
  • Collaboration with industry and academia as a strategy
  • Building a home for innovation – the ARC innovation mall
  • Unlimited access to data for ARC partners

In this first of two presentations, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Eyal Zimlichman explores foundational requirements to develop an organizational plan to fast track digital health innovation.