Unlocking the Hidden Power of Communications Analytics

Communication is the singular thread that ties a health system together, yet analytical evaluation of communication processes are usually underrepresented in managing operations and process improvement.

In this session, Dr. Mellin will demonstrate the clinical and economic value of communication in health systems and identify opportunities and challenges to instrument and measure the communication processes. Next, Mr. Stanger will review specific methods to incorporate communication analytics in a lean six sigma approach for health system process improvement. Dr. Mellin and Mr. Stanland also will demonstrate exemplar health system process improvement projects that were enabled by communications analytics.

Learning Objective(s):

  1. Evaluate the importance of communications data and analytics in health system process improvement
  2. Analyze the value and challenges of interpreting communications data
  3. Understand lean six sigma approaches to incorporate communication analytics in healthcare
  4. Apply communication analytics to health system initiatives for clinical, operational, and patient satisfaction projects
Communication analytics, Data, Lean Six Sigma, process improvement, Clinical & Business Intelligence, HIMSS