Winter 2017 I&HIE Community Roundtable

Featured Presentations:

Julia Adler-Milstein, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Topic: A National Perspective on Interoperability Progress and Challenges

Description: Dr. Alder-Milstein has spent the past decade studying the progress of electronic health information exchange and EHR system interoperability in the U.S.This talk will give a diagnosis for why progress has been slow, and how federal policy efforts that have sought to intervene to promote interoperability have fared.

Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director, Hyperledger

Topic: The Potential for Blockchain Technology in HIT

Description: The recent explosion in development of blockchain technologies - distributed shared ledgers, smart contracts, and to some degree cryptocurrencies - has the potential to up-end traditional barriers to widespread and standardized health information exchange, particularly to the benefit of the patient and care-giver. We'll look at a number of use cases being actively developed by industry today, so as to see what might be possible, and what technical and business challenges still remain to overcome.

I&HIE Community Roundtable Chairs:
Laura Young, Orion Health
Gary Ozanich, PhD, Northern Kentucky University

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