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E Ink

Inaccurate information and lack of clear communication are among the top 10 complaints patients have about their stay in the hospital. E Ink’s low power Digital Paper displays are connected to a hospital’s EMR/EHR system to show real-time, HIPAA compliant data. Hospitals using Digital Paper displays say that they have saved money while improving efficiency, and improved patients’ experiences.


Explore a new way to improve the patient experience with eVideon HELLO, a HIPAA-secure, cloud-based video visit platform that makes it simple to connect patients, families, and clinicians, even during the most difficult times. There are no passwords or usernames required, and no software to download, leading to improved nurse satisfaction. Watch this video to explore HELLO’s easy to navigate UI, flexibility across devices, and customizable features. Experience the difference HELLO can make!


Cerner Command Center helps move organizations from reactive to proactive through the use of near real-time data and predictive intelligence. The demonstration discusses how the Command Center Dashboard provides health system leaders a clear line of site into critical resources.

NextGen Healthcare

Clinical data aggregation is a challenge for any organization that manages multiple healthcare IT systems and needs to integrate data, resolve patient identity, and normalize clinical content. NextGen Health Data Hub (HDH) is a cloud-native, API-first data platform developed to solve data management challenges. It includes an integrated EMPI, an automated workflow engine, and full support for all healthcare interoperability standards, including HL7v2, FHIR, and IHE profiles.

Keysight Technolgies

Healthcare organizations are under attack. Policy exceptions and misconfigurations are changing your security posture, leaving patients and electronic systems that serve them at risk from the next cyber attack. Keysight Threat Simulator is an automated security assessment platform to measure, manage and improve cyber security effectiveness. Simulated full kill-chain and MITRE attack scenarios with real-world malware and techniques to pinpoint weaknesses. Hack yourself before others do.

Vizient, Inc.

Dashboard Builder helps drill down to the right data and provides a more flexible way to identify and clarify new opportunities. The enhanced tool offers a visually dynamic and highly interactive user experience and brings together key performance indicators from both your system and 100s of similar cohort facilities. By integrating actionable quality and cost insights, you can track performance improvement goals, make data-driven decisions and deliver exceptional, cost effective care.

Cox Prosight

Experience CoxProsightSM, an extensible, real-time location solution (RTLS) that tracks and monitors assets, environments, and people to improve operational efficiency, staff and patient safety, and clinical flows while engaging patients inside and outside of the hospital footprint. Our end-to-end solution includes hardware, software, and services using BLE sensors and light-weight gateways to track the location of assets and people in real-time to improve the staff and patient experience.


Ignyte's Mental Health Case Management (MHM) solution—built on Appian's low-code automation platform—unifies patient data and health resources into one platform. It includes over 700 configurable Computer Adaptive Tests to engage patients and power AI-driven support that allows providers to focus on delivering quality care. MHM integrates patient data from connected health devices to get a complete picture of wellness and synchronizes with leading EHR platforms via HL7 FHIR standard interfaces.


PaperCut is a print management software company helping to make scan-to-fax an easier and intuitive experience. In this demo, we demonstrate building a PaperCut MF 21.x Scan to Fax scan action using RightFax as the fax system. This new action in PaperCut MF provides two faxing options with your preferred faxing provider: Basic SMTP delivery or Advanced (and more secure) API driven delivery.


Join Wellsheet to learn how it quickly and affordably integrates with Epic or Cerner to reduce clinician time in the EHR, lessen physician burnout, and improve the quality of patient care. See Wellsheet’s cloud-based, predictive clinical workflow platform surface and present the most relevant content in an intuitive view contextualized and prioritized for each physician’s needs. Learn how Wellsheet’s use of the FHIR API has been key to healthcare providers, payers and government agencies.


Artificial intelligence is changing the world of healthcare, helping physicians and researchers prevent disease, speed recovery and save lives. At New York’s Montefiore Hospital, AI is helping doctors diagnose critical illnesses earlier and improve outcomes. Intel has worked closely with Montefiore to enable new workflows and diagnostic capabilities. Learn how AI-enabled systems can help doctors at Montefiore better understand their patients and deliver advanced care.


Virtual care is rapidly changing the healthcare industry and the need to remotely monitor patients and provide care has accelerated. AT&T is helping healthcare organizations meet this fast-growing need with a fully integrated virtual care solution that can help expand access to care, reduce the cost of chronic care, and lower readmission rates. This video provides an overview of the solution and includes a look at the portal clinicians use to manage patient relationships.


Transform the healthcare journey, articulated through a software demonstration reflects upon the following: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides capabilities to manage health data at scale and make it easier for healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience, coordinate care, and drive operational efficiency, while helping support security, compliance, and interoperability of health data.

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