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Opening Tuesday Keynote

HIMSS will kick off the week with special messages and interviews with cultural luminaries and business leaders who serve with the greater healthcare community to meet the vision of a more equitable and healthy future.


Wednesday Keynote

Healthcare Disruption: Accelerated Opportunities for Care Delivery Alternatives

The pandemic has forever changed all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem. With this change, additional influencers such as inflation, supply chain issues, workforce challenges and mergers and acquisitions have all placed undue burdens on healthcare delivery. While non-traditional services and stakeholders--such as retail clinics, hospital @ home programs, and virtual care-- have increased market share, collaborative opportunities have emerged for traditional healthcare settings to evolve how and where healthcare is delivered. This keynote panel of healthcare executives will address various perspectives on the future of care delivery.

Deborah DiSanzo
Best Buy Health

Andrea M. Walsh
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tim Barry
Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Vin Gupta
Medical Analyst, NBC News
Chief Medical Officer, Amazon Pharmacy


Thursday Keynote

Digital Transformation and Health Equity: A Global Discussion on the Journey Ahead

Digital health transformation and health equity have become imperatives as healthcare leaders across the globe prepare to meet the health equity challenges of an interdependent world. Policy leaders must foster healthcare innovation at a time when providers are struggling to accelerate access to care for a rising world population amidst provider shortages, cybersecurity attacks, and financial constraints brought on by global economic strains.

Our Thursday morning keynote panel of high-ranking government officials will examine how to confront the challenges of access to high quality care and what real world actions the HIMSS community can take to accelerate replicable solutions that work across all communities.


Mark ZandiFriday Morning Keynote: Mark Zandi, Chief Economist and Cofounder, Moody’s Analytics

Are More Turbulent Times Ahead for Healthcare? An Economic Outlook

Healthcare’s reach is not only global, but local, with a focus on patient centrality, growth, and integration, all while aiming to achieve meaningful outcomes. Clinical effectiveness is a journey and not a destination amid the realization that healthcare is a capital-intensive undertaking, regardless of where care is delivered. Balancing financial health against operating losses, debt management, mergers and acquisitions, and myriad other market forces is a team sport. 

With the Federal Reserve determined to quickly rein in inflation, recession looks increasingly likely. But is it inevitable? What would have to happen to avoid a downturn? Business leaders, consumers, and workers alike are voicing deep anxiety and uncertainty about the future. If a recession occurs, how severe and long is it likely to be? Join Mark Zandi, Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist, HIMSS23 keynote speaker as he discusses how the next few years will unfold.

Get these answers and more at HIMSS23 where we’ll shed light on balancing the business of healthcare with clinical effectiveness.


Ben NemtinFriday Afternoon Keynote: Ben Nemtin, Co-Founder, The Buried Life movement

Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

The world is changing faster than we ever imagined. Leaders and teams have to dig deep within themselves to break through and find opportunity in uncertain times. Before becoming a #1 New York Times best-selling author, playing basketball at the White House, having beers with Prince Harry, or living out his other dreams, Ben Nemtin suffered from crippling depression.

After committing to a series of positive life changes, Ben had a shift in perspective that changed his outlook on life and opened himself up to endless possibility. From there he committed to following his buried dreams and helping others through acts of service. The rest is history, and Ben’s life changing message has opened up audiences around the world to cultures of service, gratitude and endless potential.

Ben’s message of radical possibility combined with his ”5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible” not only inspires but will equip you with tools to tackle the seemingly insurmountable. His system of achieving impossible goals demystifies daunting tasks by turning ‘pipe dreams’ into ‘projects’ and creates inspiration through action and accountability.

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