Optional Events Call for Proposals

The HIMSS21 Optional Event Call for Proposals is open until February 24, 2021.

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Are you a subject matter expert and want to present at HIMSS21? Choose from eleven specialized topics for audience-specific optional events—symposia and forums—occurring Monday, August 9 and Tuesday, August 10. Proposals for these sessions are peer-reviewed, scored and selected by HIMSS subject matter experts.

We’re calling on you to apply by February 24. Accepted speakers receive:

  • Complimentary HIMSS21 optional event-only registration*
  • Visibility to thousands of global attendees from across the health information and technology ecosystem
  • Membership advancement and/or certification points for HIMSS members

*Registration is non-transferable. Speakers are responsible for hotel and travel expenses.

How to Apply

Submit your proposal to speak at a symposium or forum by 11:59 pm ET on February 24, 2021. Hard copy/email proposals are not accepted. No late entries or edit requests after the deadline will be accepted.

Download the Submission Guidelines Form


AMDIS HIMSS Physicians’ Executive Symposium | Monday, August 9

An ideal future for physician leaders includes technology so advanced and reliable it becomes transparent. The solutions will need to be disruptive if we are going to make a serious impact on improved healthcare delivery and reduced administrative burden. How can we embrace innovation while ensuring patient safety? What innovative solutions have you or your colleagues experienced to improve healthcare delivery and reduce administrative burden for physicians? How can we shift the focus from computer work back to patient care and still embrace technology? Become a speaker and help other physician leaders navigate through these complex issues.

Clinically Integrated Supply Chain Symposium | Monday, August 9

Our industry has experienced unprecedented strain on its supply chain, and COVID-19 has highlighted the urgent need to optimize supply chain management practices. How can technology improve collaboration between clinical teams and supply chain teams? How can we improve automated supply chain infrastructure at the point of care to prepare for future disruptions? Speakers should be able to share examples of how to improve patient safety and outcomes, reduce operating expenses and increase process efficiencies with real-world evidence from emerging data.

Global Health Equity Symposium | Monday, August 9

COVID-19 has brought the issue of health disparities to the forefront of global news. Explore root causes of health disparities, including social determinants of health (SDOH), and how information and technology is providing a bridge to access for our most vulnerable populations. Speakers should be able to address SDOH and share how healthcare organizations and communities are using digital technologies and other personalized approaches to transform the patient experience and overcome digital and SDOH divides. Other topics of interest include behavior change and program design, the impact of SDOH on healthcare spending, and low-tech solutions and health literacy.

Interoperability and HIE Symposium | Monday, August 9

Collaborative and equitable access to healthcare thrives when all stakeholders in the care continuum have accurate, timely and appropriate information. True interoperability facilitates this collaboration, enables a person-centered approach, and can address systemic challenges around health equity and access to care. What is your success story for meeting the quadruple aim through interoperability? Share your learnings with an audience committed to transforming health through standards-based interoperability, HIE and emerging technologies.

Nursing Informatics Symposium | Monday, August 9

Nurses are integral to everything in health information and technology, both inside and outside the hospital setting. As we move into the care continuum, nurses become increasingly important along with the use of industry tools and resources. With nursing informatics at the intersection of nursing practice with information and technology, we’re seeking speakers to discuss real-life use cases relating to the past, present and future of nursing informatics. Timely topics include documentation burden, innovative leadership and COVID-19-related impacts across the specialty.

Public Health Informatics Digital Event | Monday, August 9

The year of 2020 has ushered in a renewed urgency to address many systemic challenges plaguing the public health sector – surveillance, preparedness, prevention and the promotion of health and wellness – are all opportunities where the intersection of health information technology can catalyze innovative and needed change. This new digital symposium will explore how the use of interoperable information and technology utilizing public health data can accelerate how counties, jurisdictions and communities can manage disease, effectively prepare for future outbreaks, and promote wellness that will contribute to the economic well-being for all. Speakers should be well-versed on technical infrastructure and standards, workflow and process needs, clinical decision-support and reporting as it relates to the public health domain.

Professional Development Symposium | Monday, August 9

As the healthcare information and technology industries continue to change rapidly, professionals must ensure they continue their own development to remain competitive. Adapting to changes in their organization and building skills that will enhance their future career success is more important than ever. This symposium is designed for everyone from emerging leaders to senior level professionals. We’re seeking speakers to address career and workforce development topics such as leading and engaging employees in a virtual work environment, value of advanced degrees and certifications, career transitions and job search best practices.


Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum | Monday, August 9

COVID-19 has turned healthcare security on its head. Since early 2020, security leaders at health systems, hospitals and other provider organizations have grappled with the fast-moving demands the pandemic has thrust upon them. We’re seeking security leaders at provider organizations to share how they’ve pivoted to secure COVID-19’s new normal. Share how you are protecting healthcare’s expanding digital footprint and securing data inside and outside the hospital, including technologies that enable more patient-centric care like telehealth, wearables and remote monitoring.

Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare Forum | Monday, August 9

This program will explore building data and analytics competency and from this essential foundation move into real-world applications of machine learning and AI, with a focus on best practices for implementation and integration into clinical workflows. Speakers should share how they’ve leveraged the power of machine learning and AI to improve patient care and where they are seeing real ROI—including better care, cost containment, and operational improvements and efficiencies.

Patient Experience and Consumerization Forum | Monday, August 9

Patient experience and consumerization are more important than ever. 2020 and 2021 were tumultuous years in healthcare and changed the role of the caregiver and patient. Become a speaker to share how empathetic care overcame new challenges in both in-person and virtual settings due to COVID-19, and discuss how you maintained the human connection during the pandemic. Additionally, we’re seeking speakers to dig deeper into the consumerization of health—the patient’s demand for access to convenient and affordable care—through virtual care, retail clinics and homecare.

Pharma Forum | Tuesday, August 10

Even before COVID-19 struck, the world was changing for the pharmaceutical industry. For the last 50 years, pharma has made and sold products. Going forward, driven by value-based care, reimbursement will increasingly be tied to drug effectiveness and outcomes. We’re seeking speakers to discuss the emerging collaborations and partnerships between pharma, payers, providers and patients destined to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Speakers should also discuss lessons learned by pharma during the pandemic and the role digital health, interoperability and real-world evidence will play in reshaping clinical trials and accelerating future drug development and precision health.


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