Health Information Exchange/Interoperability

Austria: Bridging the Gaps in Healthcare by a Nationwide EHR

Thursday, March 17 at 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM CDT
Orange County Convention Center, W311A
This session will give an overview about ELGA (Elektronische Gesundheitsakte), the nationwide Austrian electronic health record (EHR)—what it is, how it works in principal, what content there is currently in ELGA, and how it has been implemented based on Siemens eHealth Solution, the interoperability platform from Siemens Healthineers. The presentation will not only focus on technical aspects, but also on legal and organizational subjects, which have to be mastered during the realization of a nationwide EHR. Finally, the presentation should make clear what advantages the patient and clinicians will have if they can bridge the gap between different healthcare providers by having nationwide access to healthcare information.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify what ELGA is, how it works, and what advantages it brings for patients, clinicians, healthcare providers, financers and the healthcare system as a whole
  • Discover the importance of IHE-based interoperability to bridge the gap between the different healthcare providers in a nationwide healthcare system
  • Describe all of the important aspects (technical, organizational, legal, operational, financial) that have to be considered so that a nationwide EHR can be successfully implemented
ABPM 1.0, ACHE 1.0, CAHIMS 1.0, CHES 1.0, CME 1.0, CNE 1.0, CPHIMS 1.0, PDU 1.0


Christian Stark
Project Manager, Clinical Information Systems & eHealth/EHR/ELGA
Tirol Kliniken GmbH/ University Medical Center Innsbruck