CPDHTS Review Course

Monday, April 17 at 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM CT
West Building, Level 2 | Clark B (CC22B)

Demonstrating one’s knowledge and understanding of the concepts of digital health transformation strategy is critical in helping the digital health ecosystem achieve sustained transformation globally. The CPDHTS Review Course is designed for those not only preparing to take the Certified Professional in Digital Health Transformation Strategy (CPDHTS) but also those interested in having the latest knowledge and understanding of this vast body of knowledge. Delivered in an interactive, instructor-led approach, the Review Course is aligned to the four domains of CPDHTS Exam Content Outline: Digital Health Ecosystem; Person-Enabled Health; Measurement and Improvement; Strategy, Governance, Organizational Management, and Workforce Sustainability.

Learning Objectives

  • Illustrate the ways digital infrastructure improves productivity, access, efficiency and performance of health systems to support and strengthen the health and wellness needs of global citizens.
  • Identify components required for digital connectivity to the formal healthcare system that enables integration with the informal healthcare system of consumers.
  • Illustrate why the digital infrastructure is a key requirement for global health systems to offer health services that are accessible, efficacious, and equitable in order to advance health and wellness outcomes and sustainable, high performing health system outcomes.
  • Receive instruction on grasping the concepts of digital health transformation while planning and preparing to take the professional certification exam.
  • Status
    Clinical Informaticist, Consultant, IT Professional


    Teaching Instructor/Director HealthInformatics@GWU