Cybersecurity Forum: Moving from Transactions to Continuous Monitoring: The Future of Third Party Risk Management

Monday, April 17 at 1:15 PM - 1:30 PM CT
South Building, Level 1 | S102

The Healthcare ecosystem is tightly coupled. Healthcare organizations are connected into a complex fabric of interconnectivity inside and without their four walls. Third parties are now directly tied into the pipeline of our mission critical functions for delivering care, and are directly entwined into being part of critical infrastructure. A critical supplier could bring your clinical operations to a halt. The methods for securing this highly complex ecosystem need to evolve from running one-time transaction based risk assessments during contracting and into a more fluid method of continuous monitoring and management. Our panel of experts will share their insights, look to the future on how we can evolve these programs, and provide real practical solutions that exist today to get us there.


This session is part of the Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum agenda and requires separate registration.

  • Status
    CIO/CTO/CTIO/Senior IT, CISO/CSO, VP of other IT/IS Department


    Erik Decker
    Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
    Intermountain Healthcare


    Anahi Santiago
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Damian Chung
    Chief Security Officer, Healthcare
    Vugar Zeynalov
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Cleveland Clinic