Data Analytics / Data Science

Delivering Health Outcomes in Africa From the Grass Roots

Thursday, March 17 at 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Orange County Convention Center, W206A
Community health workers (CHWs) and their patients in Africa frequently find themselves working in heart-breaking situations. Underequipped and often isolated, CHWs find themselves and their patients in suboptimal situations, resulting in tragic outcomes. Many outcomes are avoidable, with more accurate and timely data and reporting. Frequently working without pay, dedicated to the health of their patients, but operating with only the most basic resources, CHWs are the unrecognized backbone throughout so much of African healthcare. Our project at Remera Health Centre in Rwanda equipped CHWs with hardware and software to collect health and clinical data in the field, empower patients to enter their own data, and share this data with the clinic for care provision, analysis, and planning in essential areas such as women’s health, maternity, and children’s health.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the challenges of delivering healthcare to communities in Rwanda and Africa as a whole
  • Identify the process by which SNOMED International and the Sovereignty Network identified the needs of CHWs and addressed them one by one
  • Summarize the solution and benefits (for both patients and providers) that can be realized when working closely with CHWs and local health authorities in Africa
ABPM 1.0, CAHIMS 1.0, CME 1.0, CNE 1.0, CPHIMS 1.0
Population Health Management Professional, Public Health Practitioner, Government or Public Policy Professional


Nick Egarhos
Global Vendor Engagement Lead
SNOMED International
Hamish MacDonald
Chief Executive Officer
The Sovereignty Network