Health Information Exchange or Interoperability

Direct Secure Messaging Enhances Post-acute Care Referrals

Communication tools supporting information exchange between health care providers are unsatisfactory, especially between primary and post-acute care (PAC). Many are still using fax. EHR systems enable providers to generate referrals, and yet these are largely “open-loop” requests that typically don’t include tools to ensure that referrals are successfully completed. Our project focused on integrating PAC homecare consults from the ambulatory EHR with our centralized intake department. The goal was to transform a manual referral workflow into an automated closed-loop process. Through electronic information exchange and direct secure messaging, we succeeded in making PAC referrals seamless, efficient, and scalable in a large integrated delivery and finance system.


Kristian Feterik
Medical Director of Interoperability
Diane Michalec
Clinical Director