Engendering Care Continuity Through Proactive Data Sharing and Enhanced Cybersecurity

Tuesday, April 18 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT
South Building, Level 4 | S406 B

Increasing digitalization has improved accessibility and care quality in Singapore, particularly so during the COVID-19 pandemic. To continue reaping the benefits of digitalized healthcare, we want to better tap on health data to enhance patient care, for instance, by establishing a Health Information Bill (HIB) to enable the safe and secure collection, storage, access, and sharing of patient health data between healthcare providers, as a critical pillar for Singapore’s broader agenda to focus on preventive health, the “Healthier SG” initiative. Through the HIB, we aim to better support care continuity via a multi-pronged approach, so as to foster trust with the public and healthcare professionals. This includes (i) a requirement for licensed healthcare providers to contribute summarized set of health data into a centralized national repository, (ii) facilitating proactive sharing of health data between providers within the healthcare ecosystem, and (iii) ensuring appropriate cybersecurity and data governance measures to ensure safe and secure storage and sharing of data within IT systems and connected medical devices. To do so effectively, we have started to develop a set of Healthcare Cybersecurity Essentials, support and training packages as well as Cybersecurity Labelling scheme for Medical Devices to help our healthcare providers.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize Singapore’s journey in establishing a centralized repository of summary health records and facilitating proactive data sharing, and apply this to their unique situation and context to support patient continuity of care
  • Identify the various data and cybersecurity safeguards put in place to foster safe and secure sharing of health data within healthcare providers’ IT management systems and with connected medical devices
  • Analyze gaps and challenges in the healthcare system and implement appropriate regulatory tools to support healthcare providers and foster innovation locally and globally
CISO/CSO, CMIO/CMO, Government or Public Policy Professional


Raymond Chua
Deputy Director of Medical Services (Health Regulation Group); Assistant Commissioner, Cybersecurity (Healthcare)
Ministry of Health, Singapore