The Health Equity Command Center Orchestrating the Ecosystem

Tuesday, April 18 at 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM CT
South Building, Level 4 | S403
Health Equity by Design defines leaders' commitment to sustainability and core objective health equity. Leaders need to strategically map their Sustainability ESG Goals into workflows and perspectives meeting commitment, regulatory requirements, and reporting. The challenge? Orchestrating across the organization, policies, processes and operations interrelated to attain a sustainable company. Employing AI technology insights drives decisions and activities. Starting point? Personalization targeting inequities addressing SDoH. Persona 360 view descriptive analytics, precision data for cell therapy, new drug development, laser focus plans “Micro-Targeting”. Workforce reduction puts additional demands on day to day operations, AI technology predicts gaps, builds resilience, automates, activates insights, powers Connected X models provides access, increases coordination, mitigates risks. Ignite a Health Equity Engine! Construct a digital road from a dashboard to a Command Center!

Learning Objectives

  • Health Equity by Design: Sustainability ESG Goals Mapped to Workflows
  • Creating a Persona 360 View to address SDOH
  • Define Patient Centric Care Precision Med to Personalized Care "Microtargeting"
  • Orchestrating the Ecosystem: Connected Care Solving Disparities
  • Constructing a Digital Road: Dashboard to Command Center- Reducing Burnout
CEO/COO, Chief Digital Officer/Chief Digital Health Officer, Chief Quality Officer and Chief Clinical Transformation Officer


Bruno Nardone, MHSA, FACHE
Global Head, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Quantiphi, Inc
Christine Perales, MD
Global Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences - Digital Health
Quantiphi, Inc.
Timothy Elwell, PhD, MBA
Global Advisory Services Leader
Quantiphi, Inc.