Health Tech Is Enabling Personalized Care: Or Is It?

Thursday, April 20 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT
South Building, Level 4 | S401

Tech innovations have been promising to make healthcare more personalized. But is it helping everyone? Who is actually benefiting from the boom in health tech? Which patient populations are missing out? What needs to change in personalized care models to ensure that all people have access to quality care? In this panel discussion, the speakers will discuss the current and future state of personalized care models. We will explore the barriers and opportunities for populations left out of personalized healthcare through a data science and behavioral science perspective. We will discuss the three major obstacles to equitable personalized care: 1) tech is built on the model body and that’s not female but is instead based on “the reference man,” 2) there are no real financial incentives to address the gaps with underrepresented populations and 3) the challenge of caregiver and patient populations who are willing and non-willing to change their behaviors. Attendees will learn how to identify weaknesses in their personalized care models, bridge the gaps in female and other population representation and better enable caregivers to keep patients and populations healthy.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how health tech is built on the model body and how that’s not female
  • Examine why there are no real financial incentives to truly address the gaps in research and healthcare delivery
  • Explain the challenge of addressing diverse clinical and patient populations; specifically, those who are open and willing to make changes, and the non-willing clinical and patient populations that still need interventions but are blocked by a lack of health literacy
CEO/COO, Chief Digital Officer/Chief Digital Health Officer, Population Health Management Professional


Dr Roxie Mooney
Healthcare Commercialization Strategist and Digital Health Advisor
Legacy DNA


Danika Kelly, MSc
Co-founder and CEO
My Normative
Dr. Talya Miron-Shatz, PhD
Author, Consultant, Speaker, and Researcher
Cure My Way