How AI Can Augment the Human Experience for Better Patient Care

Monday, August 9 at 1:55 PM - 2:35 PM PDT
Wynn, Bandol 2

Healthcare IT leaders have come to recognize AI as an essential tool for turning ever-growing amounts of data into meaningful insights. Yet for all its technological potential, the value of AI is only as strong as the human experience it supports. How can we use AI to help physicians and staff focus on what’s most important, and provide better care to patients, without technology getting in their way?

Learn from real-world examples how AI can augment the capabilities of physicians and staff, accelerate workflows for improved efficiency and patient experience, and advise on clinical and operational optimization. All with one common focus: to allow physicians and staff to do what they do best and offer the best possible care to patients.



Sham Sokka
Head of Innovation & Marketing Precision
Philips Precision Diagnostics