How Seattle Children’s Built its Next-Generation HIMSS Stage 7 Analytics Service

Wednesday, April 19 at 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CT
North Building, Level 3 | Hall B | HIMSS Connect

Seattle Children's built its next-generation HIMSS stage 7 analytics service by leveraging advanced technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, and data governance. The organization developed a comprehensive data management strategy, invested in skilled staff, and implemented cutting-edge tools such as AI and predictive analytics. This approach enabled Seattle Children's to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, improve care quality, focus on equity, diversity and inclusion, and patient satisfaction. The organization also prioritized data governance to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and security. Finally, Seattle Children's pursued continuous improvement by monitoring and optimizing the analytics service's performance and incorporating user feedback. Learn about this effort first hand from Dr. Zafar Chaudry MD, MS, MIS, MBA, the Sr. Vice President and Chief Digital & Information Officer of Seattle Children's.

Chief Data Officer, Chief Digital Officer/Chief Digital Health Officer, CIO/CTO/CTIO/Senior IT


Dr. Zafar Chaudry, MD, MS, MIS, MBA
Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Seattle Children's Hospital