Interoperability and HIE Forum: Advancing Health Equity Through Interoperability​

Monday, April 17 at 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM CT
South Building, Level 1 | S103

Disparities in access to health care and overall health outcomes are not just affected by physical access to services. A digital divide still exists and creates a barrier for many people regarding full participation in their own care. An important first step in overcoming this divide is ensuring broad interoperability of health data so that individuals and their caregivers can fully participate in planning their care regardless of the platform or device they choose to use to access.


This session is part of the Interoperability and HIE Forum agenda and requires separate registration.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how structural racism, sexism, and bias impact health equity and steps that can be taken to dismantle them
  • Identify the complex patient, health care provider and health care system factors that contribute to health care disparities and inequities in our societies.
  • Describe major industry efforts to build culturally fitting technology platforms used to build trust and improve engagement, education and health outcomes across all populations
  • Recognize the value of leveraging health information and technology and interoperable solutions in the effort to better address SDOH and decrease health disparities based on attributes of human difference such as race, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status
  • Credits
    Information Management Professional, Population Health Management Professional, Public Health Practitioner


    Michael Marchant
    Director, Health Information Exchange and System Integration
    UC Davis Health


    Ammon Fillmore
    Associate Chief Legal Officer, Information & Technology
    Evelyn Gallego, CPHIMS, MBA, MPH
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    EMI Advisors LLC
    Melissa (Mel) Soliz
    Coppersmith Brockelman PLC