Making Payment Part of Your Digital Front Door: Four Insights

Thursday, April 20 at 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM CT
South Building, Level 1 | S105A

In the rush to open healthcare’s digital front door, some organizations forgot to include a crucial component: digital options for healthcare payment—the last step in the patient experience. When this piece is missing or incomplete, the result is a disjointed patient financial encounter that not only slows down collections, but also threatens patient satisfaction and loyalty. This session will share why digital payment is a necessary component for healthcare digital success. The speaker will discuss Atrium’s journey and approach to digital payment, financing and account management and the lessons learned along the way.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss why digital payment should be part of a healthcare organization’s digital front door, including as a component of its mobile app offerings
  • Describe recent trends toward digital healthcare payment at hospitals and health systems
  • Assess the ways in which digital pathways for self-management of medical accounts drives higher collections and speeds collection times at Atrium Health
  • Describe approaches to integrating patient financial services within MyChart for a more seamless patient financial experience that delivers results
  • Evaluate opportunities to optimize the EHR to provide a better patient financial experience, including around digital payment
Chief Digital Officer/Chief Digital Health Officer, CFO/VP Finance/Compliance Officer, Healthcare Financial/Administrative Professional


Christopher Johnson, FHFMA, CHFP
Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management
Atrium Health