Managing Privacy, Protection and Compliance with Healthcare Cybersecurity

Tuesday, April 18 at 7:15 AM - 8:30 AM CT
West Building, Level 4 | W470 B

US healthcare entities suffered an average of 1,410 weekly cyberattacks per organization, up 86% vs. 2021 according to Check Point Research. IBM’s Data Breach 2022 Report states that healthcare suffers the highest average cost of a breach for any sector — a figure that has increased 42% since 2020.  The healthcare industry has long become a prime target for cybercriminals due to the sensitive nature of patient data and the potential financial gains from data breaches. Irrespective of organization size, it is hard to keep up with these evolving threat vectors, while maintaining the focus on improving access to and quality of healthcare. 

What can you do to manage your security risks, how do you modernize your security systems? How do you minimize the potential for breaches without compromising necessary patient care experience? Join OpenText Cybersecurity and a panel of security experts at healthcare providers to dive into answers to such questions and related considerations. Learn from their discussion on the current state of cybersecurity in healthcare, best practices, and guidance to adapt and navigate this compliance intensive environment.


Breakfast and refreshments will be served.

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    Scott Lundstrom
    Senior Industry Marketing Strategist
    OpenText Cybersecurity


    Dan Dodson
    Chief Executive Officer
    Fortified Health Security
    Merve Ozkus
    Chief Information Officer
    Michael English
    Server Administrator
    Franciscan Healthcare
    Sam Kumarsamy
    Director of Product Marketing
    OpenText Cybersecurity

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