OEDOC: A Novel, EHR-Based Emergency Department Overcrowding Score

Thursday, April 20 at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CT
South Building, Level 1 | S105 C

Emergency Department overcrowding is a significant health-care delivery problem that has been linked with increased patient mortality, increased patient length of stay, increased cost, and adverse experiences for patients. As this is a growing issue, there have been various studies conducted to define and measure overcrowding. There are several developed scales for overcrowding, such as NEDOCS, CEDOCS, and EDWIN that act as a good basis for measuring overcrowding but are not universally generalizable across various ED settings. As there have been many updates to modern ED care with increased use of vertical patient care areas, an updated score is needed to accurately represent overcrowding. The score will be used for system patient flow center decisions regarding patient flow and transfer as well as on a facility level with customized EHR based dashboards for surge planning and response.

Learning Objectives

  • Generate a score using EHR data that accurately measures ED overcrowding on a continuous basis
  • Compare emergency departments across the health system with a dashboard utilized by the patient flow center to identify capacity constraints and inform transfer decisions
  • Solve for individual emergency department throughput bottlenecks utilizing facility dashboard and surge planning with specific actions for various score threshold
CEO/COO, Clinical Informaticist, CMIO/CMO


Daulton Bopp, MD
Assistant Researcher
Ochsner Health System
Lisa Fort, MD, MPH
Physician, Section Head, Director of Quality for Emergency Services
Ochsner Health