Opening Keynote: Responsible AI: Prioritizing Patient Safety, Privacy, and Ethical Considerations

Tuesday, April 18 at 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM CT
West Building, Level 3 | Skyline Ballroom | W375

The opening of the ChatGPT service launched AI into the public consciousness, and it has made a daily appearance in the news ever since. Long before public awareness began spiking, industry leaders have focused on ethical AI, ensuring that AI tools are used responsibly, equitably, and safely. In this discussion, we will explore key issues necessary to create AI systems that benefit society and that are aligned with human values and ethical principles, including privacy, security, algorithmic bias, automated decision-making, and data governance.



Christopher J. Ross
Chief Information Officer
Mayo Clinic


Andrew Moore
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Lovelace AI
Kay Firth-Butterfield
Head of AI/ML and Executive Committee Member
World Economic Forum
Peter Lee
Corporate Vice President, Research and Incubation
Microsoft Corporation
Reid Blackman
Author and Chief Executive